About Drew

I create online experiences to help make people happier and more productive.

When Drew Lepp was 6-years-old, she dreamed of running a napkin folding empire. This company would supply Chinese restaurants across America with artfully folded napkin sculptures to add a flourish to what might have otherwise been an ordinary place setting.

“If you’re going to dream, you might as well dream big,” the tiny entrepreneur thought.

The oldest daughter of a comedy writer who can’t type and a petroleum engineer, Drew always showed predilection for both creative pursuits and technological endeavors.

After getting yelled at daily for cutting up small snips of paper and sprinkling them around the house during the creation of art projects (apparently her mom didn’t enjoy confetti as much as her), she shifted towards creating, building, and designing on the computer. Much less messy that way.

On the way to becoming the designer someone would shrug and describe as “moderately talented, I guess,” Drew pursued a couple of different careers. She started out covering the “Bluegrass Beat” of a small newspaper in the Shenandoah Valley. Then, she spent a few years working as an event planner in Washington, DC where she once awkwardly made eye contact with John Travolta while he was coming out of the bathroom.

Drew now runs a small UX design agency in Washington, DC and the SF Bay Area where she’s designed web and mobile apps that have been used by millions of people and ran workshops and design initiatives for early stage startups, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between.

She’s given talks on her work at UX Show & Tell, Dribbble DC, General Assembly among others and enjoys spending time mentoring younger designers.

In addition her her design work, she also teaches others how to make plant-based skincare products and shares formulas at Botaneri.

Select Projects/Work Experience

  • NBC Universal
  • George Washington's Mount Vernon
  • The Earth Genome/Dow Chemical
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • US National Arboretum
  • Quinn Evans Architects
  • Blue Raster
  • Ohio University
  • HSA Coach
  • DC Office of Zoning
  • EverFi
  • NASA
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • World Resources Institute

Design Values

Delight by design

We put in the extra work to ensure a delightful experience of your end-users, while surprising them -- as well as each other -- by continuously exceeding expectations.

Life's too short for $**** design

Why waste time on frustrating products, and tedious processes, and poor communication when there are so many better things to do? You know, like learning to play the banjo, perfecting your lemon meringue pie recipe or exploring the world. Everybody, leave all the hard work to us, relax, and let us work on blowing your mind.

Keep it real

No matter what, always be authentic. Talk like a person, not a piece of software. And be brave enough to accept what you don’t know, because there's always a lot to learn.

Always be dreaming

Do not just dream, dream BIG! Take risks and embrace the crazy places life may take you. With lots of passion, hard work, and a sprinkle of luck, anything is possible.

Make every piece of work better than the last

Whenever we complete a design, we always ask: how can this be just a little bit better? What can we do to improve the experience by making it easier and more delightful? Be brave enough to accept what you do not know, because there is always room to grow.

Remember, it's the people that make this great

Without a human element how can a product be successful? Through every step of the design process, remember who you are designing for and what will make them successful, productive and happy.

What people say:

She always brought a positive and professional attitude, going the extra mile for a superior end-user experience. I found she demonstrated a great understanding of technologies outside of her domain. I would gladly work with Drew in the future and certainly recommend letting her improve your users experience!

Brad Anderson, ATS