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Everfi Education Platform

The backstory

EverFi is a leading education technology company focused on teaching, assessing, badging, and certifying students in critical skills, touching upon important topics not usually covered in the curriculum such as financial literacy, substance abuse and civic engagement.

Their mission is to bring their educational software at no cost to schools, particularly those in lower-income areas of the country.

Because of this, we were met with many unique UX and technical challenges such as:

  • Slow internet speeds
  • Outdated technology/browsers
  • Lack of student access to tablets or computers outside of school
  • Short class periods
  • Non-technical teachers

The user base for the platform included K-12, college and adult students, teachers, and school administrators each with tremendously different needs.

To complicate things more, additional stakeholders included corporate sponsors who paid to bring curriculum into the classrooms. They had a very unique set of needs that were not centered around ease-of-use or user engagement but on branding and visual design.

Drew's Role

Lead UX/UI Designer

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

The Process

Based on preliminary research, I determined the following requirements for all of our student-facing curriculum:

  • A simple interface free from all distracting content to keep the student’s attention
  • Because of COPPA, account creation not dependent on collection of personal information
  • Clearly defined navigation and architecture to aid in course completion rates
  • Fun and engaging (otherwise the students will hate the coursework)

Because Everfi was a startup, projects moved very quickly and the designs were created and improved iteratively, so the work included many different moving parts. Some applications built for K-12 and college students, some for teachers and some for school principals and administrators.

K-12 Platform and Badging

Around this time, tablets were becoming more popular in the classroom because of easy portability, low costs and less need for technical support than computers. But early Everfi educational content had been created in Flash and, because of the shift towards tablets, rendering any old content obsolete.

At this time, badging was become a trend in education. In theory, students would earn badges to show mastery of a subject or skill by completing coursework. They could then add to resumes or college transcripts. But badges are only as valuable as the metadata behind them. Without the additional information connecting to dots between the relevant completed coursework and the badge, the badge is just a meaningless image. Therefore having a place to publically display the student’s collection of certification badges was important.

Since badging was still in it’s earliest stages at the time with no set standards or guidelines, we decided to make badges a combination of skill or knowledge-based badges combined with a few fun badges awarded for such achievements as such as high score for games and fastest completion times. For more information, view this presentation.

Higher Ed Partner Center

To help school administrators see one thing: what students are falling behind? Then give them the ability to bulk message those needing a little encouragement to complete thier curriculum.

The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.

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