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Fashion Discovery App

About the Project

In the ever-expanding and overwhelming landscape of digital commerce, the DLD team worked with the team to design an experience that will cut through the noise in the retail space to deliver a highly curated and engaging shopping experience. The application aims benefit its users by introducing them to quality brands, while creating valuable exposure for smaller, independent companies.

Design Goals

  • Allow users to easily discover and forge meaningful connects with new brands
  • Create a simple web and mobile interface to facilitate the discovery process
  • Build a loyal following of fashion-forward users by providing value including increasingly better deals and rewards

Drew's Role

  • UX Strategy
  • UX /Product Design
  • Creative Direction

  • Discovery and Research

    Understanding our users

    Luckily, the retail sector is enormous – within the United States in 2013 it included one million stores and accounted for four trillion dollars of revenue. With this type of revenue at stake, a lot of high-quality research is available on the market.

    By using a combination of reputable sources and some quick user research, we identified a few common traits of the target user.

    The target user:


    Millennials – ages 22 to 34 — who love looking great and getting amazing deals.

    Love discounts

    Love coupons, sales and bargains. Purchases are often motivated by price.

    Frequent online shoppers

    Comfortable shopping, researching and browsing online.

    Meaningful connections

    Less likely to be brand loyal except when they are able to forge a connection with a brand. They care what the brand stands for and what they support.

    About the Competition

    Popular applications like Pinterest, Keep, Spring, Shop Style and Polyvore make finding clothing items easy but none of these applications focused on discovering new brands and designers with retail stores.

    Also, none of the applications employed traditional gamification techniques. Together, we hypothesized that by focusing on making the experience both sophisticated and fun (think Claire Underwood at the Aria in Las Vegas), we could attract and engage a different type of user.

    The Strategy

    What makes the app special?

    • It is an app to help customers simplify the process of discovering their new favorite brands.
    • Has a beautiful, elegant and thoughtfully simple interface to help make incredibly fun or users to discover new, interesting sites.
    • Is focused on solving the main pain points of information overload and boredom with current shopping options.
    • Has people to jumping for joy when they first use it because it introduces them to something new and saves them money.
    • Includes a strategy for push notification, email communication of sales for saved brands
    • “Randomized” award system for browsing, “winning” coupons or discounts to particular stores

    What sets CB apart from the rest?

    • Focus on discovering new brands, not items.
    • Secondly, This app is fun. The gaming option - slot machine type spin user can do every 24 hrs (up to 3 times), which should be connected to the points system. The more they spin, the more they earn. The more points, they get better perks like free shipping, free gift, etc.
    • Points system (clicks = points) and variable rewards (ever-changing for utilizing the app. Could include free shipping, a free purchase with order, etc.)
    • Eventually, including a “mid-day dash”. By shopping certain brands at certain times, the user can get even better deals or accumulate more points.
    • Invite/ Share options to invite people and get additional points.
    • The app makes use of user’s browsing data to make informed product and brand suggestions the more they shop. No need to set up preferences to get started.
    • Ability to bookmark/ save and share brands and be notified of future sales without having to be on brand emailing list.

    The app features a curated feed filled with brands of interest, blog posts, featured sales, instagram posts and contents/ game highlights. The feed is designed to be a simplified and more focused Pinterest board which allows the user to scan beautiful items but not be overwhelmed by endless possibilities.

    The major difference between the appand many fashion apps is the Style Wheel. The slot machine-like game allows the user to spin three times a day. The user may win a variety of “prizes” such as promo codes, free shipping, and points to be used for items such as lip gloss or a key chain.

    We talked through the possibilies featuring photos of clothing or logos. We decided to feature photos of clothing items because users would initially connect more directly to visuals of cute outfits rather than logos of brands they may or may not know yet.

    The application is comprised of a responsive web-based site and mobile application. The goal of the mobile app was to stylistically interesting yet usable. In the end, we decided a traditional approach to navigation was best for the users.

    Visual Design


    Designer, Melissa Yeager, set to create a logo that is distinctive and relevant, while complementing the wide variety of stylistically diverse brands to be featured.

    The primary logo is made up of the logotype held within a shield. It is highly tailored to appeal to its fashion-forward audience. The contrast in size between the capitals and the rest of the letterforms emphasizes the distinct halves of the name and how it should be written in plain text. The reflected o’s signify the cyclical process of searching and finding fostered by the brand.

    All line work within the logo, logotype and marks sustain a consistent weight, which ensures that all brand elements maintain legibility, especially at small sizes.


    The colors were selected to stand apart from the competition, add warmth and playfulness to the application while not competing with the brands featured on the app.

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