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Snapdash Mobile Application

The backstory

To improve an original design that had already gained some traction. There was very little chance Snapdash wasn’t going to be a hit. The game had everything necessary to set the stage for a fun-filled evening – a camera, a timer and a little bit of improv comedy.

6 categories of prompts for poses like “a bird just pooped on your head” and “you just won an academy award” and “You’re awkwardly posing for a yearbook photo”.

Seriously. Designing this was going to be FUN.

Drew's Role

  • UX Design
  • UI/ Visual Design

Laughter is an instant vacation

The Process

After an initial brainstorming session with the 2 cofounders to better understand their current users and where the 1.0 fell short, I got to work prototyping in proto.io before being taken to the high fidelity stage. The visual design was intended to be fun and consistent with iOS 7 which had just come out at the time.

The caption selection was random and the user never knew what would be coming next. The user couldn’t skip captions they didn’t like (but we allowed them the option to set the timer to a 3-second interval

The biggest design challenge was to create something for the fickle teen set. The app had to be quick, user-friendly, ever-evolving and with clever, timely captions. Also, to keep the development scope manageable, the feature set had to be scaled down to the only most necessary of features. This ended up being a wise move and the app ended up being a fast, fun and simple mobile game that delighted many a bored teenager. Since the greatest value of the application was right inside the application, we kept onboarding super simple and added a bit of fun. In order to give them a preview of what was inside the app, we asked users to snap their first Snapdash using the front facing camera. Little did we know what a great idea that ended up being.

For simplicity, we scrapped the idea of building a social network and instead hoped used would instead rely on user’s current social networks – like Instagram -- to share images.

The Result

Snapdash was created at the beginning of the “selfie” craze and Taking a queue cue from the selfie craze, the Snapdash team introduced a funny selfie category that somewhat unexpecenatly became a runaway success.

By giving an instant reward of hilarious photos to the user, we were able to hook them and create a viral game that was featured in the App Store under the category “selfie.”

And, although not a usual selfie taker, you better believe I “raised the roof” and made a few duck faces in selfie mode. -- Drew

A day without laughter is a day wasted.

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