TimeKat Time Tracking & Project Management

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TimeKat Time Tracking + Project Management

How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?-- Dr. Seuss

About the Project

It seems as if everyone today is running around talking about how busy they are. While working as a freelancer, I wasn’t any different. I felt like I always was struggling to finish up everything I needed to do including writing proposals and contracts, assigning tasks to contractors, meeting with clients, sending invoices, putting out fires – and when I finally had time – my design work. You know, the stuff people actually pay me to do.

In order to simplify my life, a few things that needed to change. One of these was squarely on my plate – I needed to manage my time better.

That’s when I discovered a technique called the Pomodoro technique. Within a few days of using this method, I found myself being able to focus on my work a bit better. Hmmm. I wonder if this could help others?

The idea of TimeKat was born.

Drew's Role

  • Co-Founder
  • Business Strategy
  • UX Design
  • UI Design

  • Discovery and Research

    Understanding our users

    After a few rounds of discovery research sessions with project managers around the country, I created a list of common issues project managers and agency owners struggled with. Although the list of frustrations these potential users was long which sparked a lot (in my opinion) of great ideas, I had to narrow it down.

    We identified a few common traits of the target user.

    • Focusing on work is hard with constant distractions
    • Shutting off with tools like Slack and Hipchat is hard.
    • Difficult to keep employees – especially remote employees – motivated

    The target user:

    Creative Freelancers/Agency Owners

    Our users have a lot on their plate and we want to help make work easier.

    Interested in improving work life

    Users aren't satisfied with the status quo, they are eager to make technology work better for them.

    Want to simplify/disconnect

    Would be happy with having one tool that does the job of many. Users don't want another app, they want to set it up and work for them.

    Meaningful connections

    They are able to forge a connection with a app and care what the product stands for and what they support.

    The Strategy

    Design Goals

    • Create and app to help users find focus and finish their work faster.
    • Simplify the number of tools creative freelancers and agencies use.
    • Create the easiest time tracking/ project management app.
    • Allow curious people understand how they spend their time.
    • Most off all, have a little fun and learn a lot along the way.

    What makes the app special?

    • We designed the entire application with the user in mind. Every step of the way, we conducted user tests to ensure the app was easy to use.
    • It's an app to help users simplify the process working with employees, clients .
    • Unlike most other apps, we paid special attention to limiting the feature set to the exact needs of our target users.
    • Is focused on solving the main pain points of information overload with other task management/ chat apps.
    • Includes a strategy for push notifications and email communication of tasks and approvals.
    • We've had more people than I've ever seen laugh while using our application.

    Visual Design

    Delightful, friendly, funky and fresh

    When designing TimeKat, I wanted the brand to exude an element of fun, friendliness and surprise like one would experience during a particularly memorable night of dancing with friends yet still maintain it’s trustworthiness and professionalism.


    The TimeKat mark has slightly rounded elements to play up the playful nature of the application. The logotype is slightly modified to allude to the "kat" portion of TimeKat allowing the logotype to stand on it's own without the brand mark.


    The colors were selected to add warmth and playfulness to the application while not competing with the user-entered content. Just for fun, all the colors were given cat-related names.

    Visual Language

    Additional visual elements combine photographs of relaxed office environments balanced with illustrations in bright colors.

    Time Track Graphic UX

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